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Salary Enhancement for Continued Academic Achievement

Salary Enhancement for Continued Academic Achievement Application

West Virginia University Board of Governors Policy 30


The Salary Enhancement for Continued Academic Achievement program establishes a reward and incentive plan for faculty members at the rank of professor. The program provides for up to two increases in the base salaries of qualifying faculty members and is available to both the General University and the Health Sciences Center faculty.

This program is one of the opportunities available to help accomplished professors maintain a competitive salary. Other opportunities include the 10 percent pay increase provided upon promotion in rank, the performance-based pay increases provided through the University’s salary increase program and the availability of endowed chairs and professorships in many colleges and departments and in the institution at large.

The program provides for two increases to the faculty member’s base salary but no special title recognition. The University will not restrict the total number of persons receiving this enhancement. Qualifying professors may receive an initial increase of 7.5 percent of the previous year’s base after a minimum five full years (1) in rank and may be eligible for consideration for a second increase of 5 percent five full years’ after the first increase took effect. In both cases, the award will be based on performance. The incentives, when awarded to a faculty member holding the rank of professor, will apply as long as that person retains that rank at West Virginia University. Application to the program is optional.

Salary enhancements provided under this program are in addition to any performance-based increase for which a faculty member may be eligible in the year of application.


An applicant must:

  • Hold the rank of tenured Professor (2), tenured Extension Professor, University Librarian, Research, Teaching, Clinical or Extension Clinical Professor or Clinical-Track Professor.
  • Have served at least five full years at WVU in that rank prior to application. An approved leave (3) for a sabbatical or professional development activity will be considered as service in rank. Application may be made in the sixth year in rank. The increase, if awarded, will take effect with the annual contract for the subsequent academic year.
  • Have a 1.0 FTE appointment at the time of application and award.
  • Demonstrate consistently significant and substantial contributions in the traditional areas of the University’s mission (research, teaching, and service) at a level similar to those contributions that qualified the faculty member for promotion to the rank of tenured Professor, tenured Extension Professor, University Librarian, Research, Clinical, Extension Clinical Professor or Clinical-Track Professor.
  • Fulfill expectations for performance established through a written work assignment that is agreed upon in advance by the candidate, candidate’ s chairperson or other immediate supervisor, and dean in consultation with the Provost or Vice President for Health Sciences. Such an assignment will normally be established upon a faculty member’s promotion to the rank of professor. The assignment will be developed in the context of the unit’s mission and its current guidelines and expectations for promotion.(4) Unit needs will dictate work assignments, and any change in a professor’s work assignment must be made in writing.

The written work assignment will specify the performance expectations for the faculty member in the areas of teaching, research and/or service. For those promoted to the rank of professor effective 2005-2006 or later, the written work assignment normally will be in effect for five full years before the professor is eligible for an increase.

For those promoted in earlier years, who may not have a written work assignment for the entire period, reviews may be based on a combination of a written work assignment and the faculty member’s record to that point. Initial implementation plans for such faculty members will be circulated separately.

  • Professors with administrative assignments other than that of dean and those in the University’s central administration are eligible for salary enhancements under this program. Associate and Assistant Deans and Chairpersons with the rank of professor are among the administrators who may be eligible for the program. The review of their accomplishments will be based on their faculty assignments unless a written work assignment provides that their administrative duties will be considered. The increase received by administrators will be on their underlying faculty salary but not on any administrative supplement.
  • A professor who has received a salary increase under this program is eligible to apply for an additional 5 percent increase in the sixth year of full-time service following the first increase. Continued significant and substantial contributions will be expected. All of the provisions of this policy also apply to a second application for an enhancement including the requirement for a written work assignment that has normally been in effect for five full years.


Application is optional and anyone who meets the eligibility criteria may apply. Application is by a memo from the faculty member requesting consideration for the program to the faculty member’s chairperson or other immediate supervisor.


Applicants shall be evaluated according to the qualitative expectations now used by the University in judging eligibility for promotion to rank of professor or the equivalent. A faculty member recognized under this program will have performance that continues to make significant and substantial contributions and reflects the qualitative expectations of one at the rank of professor. Additionally, a preponderance of characterizations of “excellent” or “good” in the faculty member’s work assignment(s) will normally be expected as minimal evidence of continued productivity. Ratings for all areas will be considered, whether or not an area is one in which a significant contribution is expected. For purposes of this program, “preponderance” is normally defined as at least 80 percent of the ratings being excellent or good. In no instance will an applicant who has received a rating of “unsatisfactory” in any area in the five full years preceding application be considered.

For professors who have been at that rank for many years, the review will be on the five full-years immediately preceding application.

Productivity in all of the following areas will be judged:

  • Scope and quality of research, scholarly and/or artistic contributions
  • Quality of teaching
  • Contributions to the public good, especially in service to West Virginia Service contributions are those that are within a person’s professional expertise as a faculty member, and performed with one’s university affiliation identified. Service contributions may include those made in an administrative role at the department, college or university level. For Health Sciences Center faculty members, service includes patient care activities.

Review Process

Applicants for this program will work with their chairperson to provide the information required for review. That information will be specified in an annual message from the Provost’s Office, which will include a timetable for applications and review. The information will include:

  1. A spreadsheet with the ratings received in each area of performance expectation from each rater4 for each year. The ratings provided must be for at least the immediately preceding five years. Faculty members may attach additional ratings, if they wish. Ratings for all areas, whether or not the area is an area of significant contribution, will be considered.
  2. Annual review letters from each level of review for each year for which ratings are provided.
  3. An up-dated vita that makes evident the publications, presentations and other significant academic activities since promotion to the rank of professor.

These materials will be forwarded to the faculty member’s dean with any comments from the chairperson about the applicant’s performance. All materials will be added subsequently to the faculty member’s personnel file but the complete personnel file will be forwarded only if requested by the dean or other reviewers.

The dean will review the materials and determine whether the faculty member is eligible for salary enhancement. The dean’s determination and spreadsheet of ratings will be forwarded to the Provost or Vice President for Health Sciences, as appropriate, for review and final approval prior to the award of the salary increment.

If an applicant is denied an increase, at least one full year must pass since his/her review for the program before he/she may apply again for an increase.


Funding for the salary enhancement will be provided from the source(s) usually used to fund the faculty member’s salary. In most instances, the funds will be centrally allocated. In some instances, grant or other external funding will be used because that is the usual source of funding for the faculty member’s position.

If a faculty member has a twelve-month contract, the increase will be applicable to all twelve months.

If the faculty member enters a phased retirement program or reduces the appointment FTE, the amount of the salary enhancement and any increments added to it will be proportionally reduced. The remaining funds reverting to the central pool or other source used to fund the salary increase. Upon resignation or retirement, the full amount of the salary enhancement and any increases added to it will revert to the central pool rather than remaining in the college or department. The reversion of funds will provide an on-going source of funding for the program.

  1. Review of someone who has served five full years would occur in the sixth year with any increase taking effect during the seventh year.
  2. In rare occasions, someone may have been appointed at the rank of Professor or Extension Professor without the award of tenure. Such persons must have earned tenure and been in rank for five full years before being eligible for this program.
  3. Other leaves including unpaid leaves are not applicable to the time in rank.
  4. In most units, the raters will be a departmental committee and department chair. In some situations, ratings by a dean or college committee may also be available. In units without a departmental structure, the raters may be a school committee and school dean.

Adopted: February 14, 2005 by the WVU Faculty Senate Adopted: April 8, 2005 by the West Virginia University Board of Governors

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