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Salary Policy

West Virginia University Board of Governors Policy 29

Section 1. General

1.1 This rule delineates the procedures to be followed by the West Virginia University Board of Governors in determining annual salary increases for its employees.

1.2 Authority; West Virginia Code: §18B-8-3 (2001); §18B-8-3a (2001); and §18B-9-4 (2012); Higher Education Policy Commission Salary Guidelines.

1.3 Effective Date: October 5,2001; amended November 16,2012

Section 2. Background

In its approved Compact and Master Plan, WVU restated its commitment to a compensation program that will support the retention of quality faculty, staff and administrators so as to accomplish the institutional goals of Senate Bill 653. The realization of this plan is based upon continued increases in state support and the ability to raise tuition and fees. Continued internal reallocation, as done under Senate Bill 547, was not an option under Senate Bill 653. All salary increases needed to come from new funds. It was noted that a new classified employee schedule was being proposed.

Section 3. WVU Salary Policy

Faculty and faculty Equivalent Personnel: At WVU, a salary pool will be created annually from new revenues generated by state resources and student fees. In FY2003, 75% of the pool will be dedicated to merit increases. In FY2004 and each year thereafter, 100% of the pool will be dedicated to merit increases. In a 100% merit system, salary increases will be tied totally to performance. The divisional campuses will follow a similar model, however, achieving 100% merit no later than FY2005, thus bringing all campuses in compliance with the Higher Education Policy Commission guidelines.

Classified Employees: The Board of Governors recognizes that WVU, including its divisional campuses, have moved classified staff who were below their respective salary on the Temporary Higher Education Classified Employee Annual Salary Schedule into full compliance on the said Schedule as defined in the West Virginia Code. As such, the Board hereby authorizes and approves implementation of a new Classified Salary Plan as contemplated in the West Virginia Code. The new Classified Salary Plan is designed as a market based structure comprised of a series of pay grades subject to adjustments as appropriate. Each pay grade is divided into a minimum, 25th percentile, midpoint, and maximum salary point as exemplified by the attached Classification Staff Compensation Structure and is subject to periodic review and may be adjusted in accordance with changes in the labor market, subject to institutional budgetary parameters. The Board hereby authorizes the President or the President’s designee (i) to create procedures deemed necessary to affect this new Classified Salary Plan; and (ii) to make adjustments to the Classified Salary Plan, subject to Board approval, on a going forward basis based upon future labor market changes, institutional budgetary parameters, Higher Education Policy Commission and Board of Governors guidelines.

Non-Classified Employees: A pool of funds will be created annually on each campus and awarded totally upon performance beginning in FY2003, thus bringing each campus in compliance with the Higher Education Policy Commission guidelines.

Note 1: Read the implementation strategy for faculty pay raises.

Note 2: Salary Enhancement for Academic Achievement Policy can be found as BOG Policy 30.