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Your needs, interests and concerns are ours, too. Join us to connect with others who share your experiences. Together, we'll nurture a supportive and diverse WVU community.

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Different Ways to Engage with the FJN

  • FJN members are racially-minoritized faculty and/or administrators at WVU desirous of a place and space at WVU which is attentive to their unique social, cultural, academic, and professional development needs and interests.
  • FJN Faculty Advocates do not identify as racially minoritized faculty/administrators, but are colleagues interested in and committed to supporting the success of their racially-minoritized colleagues at WVU.
  • FJN Graduate Affiliates are racially-minoritized graduate students who wish to be affiliated with the FJN as a resource network that may provide social, cultural, as well as academic support.
  • Other: Community Member, Partner Organization

Partners and On Campus Resources

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