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Internal Awards, Fellowships and Grants

Teaching Awards

WVU Foundation Outstanding Teacher Awards   – recognizes exceptional teaching and/or innovation in teaching methods, course and curriculum design, and instructional tools
Caperton Award for Excellence in the Teaching of Writing  –  recognizes a tenured faculty member for excellence in the teaching of writing
Digital Learning Awards  –  awarded annually to WVU employees who exhibit excellence in teaching through innovative digital activities or programs
Distinction in Mentoring Undergraduates in Research  –  recognize s a full-time faculty member for excellent mentoring of undergraduate students in research and/or creative endeavors
Distinction in Mentoring Graduate Students in Research  –  recognizes a full -time faculty member for excellent mentoring of graduate students in research and/or creative endeavors
Nicholas Evans Awards for Advising Excellence  –  recognizes outstanding advising and mentoring provided by faculty and professional advisers

Service Awards

Ethel and Gerry Heebink Award for Distinguished State Service  –  recognizes a fa culty or staff member who has provided distinguished service to West Virginia over an extended period of time more than eight years (awarded annually); or a faculty or staff member who has provided significant service to West Virginia over a shorter time period, but still characterized as having had a significant impact (awarded biennially)
Mary Catherine Buswell Award  –  honors a WVU faculty/staff/student or a W est Virginia citizen who has provided outstanding service to women at WVU

Research Award

Benedum Distinguished Scholar Awards  –  awarded to a faculty me mber holding a continuing appointment at any rank for distinction in research, scholarship or creative activity

Teaching, Service and Research Award

James and Karen Caveney Faculty Excellence Award  –  award ed annually to a highly productive faculty member holding a continuing appointment at or above the rank of assistant professor or the equivalent. Recipients shall demonstrate excellence in research and acquisition of grants; exceptional teaching and innovation in instruction; and commitment to the people of West Virginia, on and off the campus.

Social Justice Award

Neil S. Bucklew Award  –  Awarded to a faculty or staff member who has best demonstrated outstanding leadership, courage and support on a continuous basis in the area of social justice in the West Virginia University system

Global Engagement Award

Faculty Award for Outstanding Global Contributions  –  recognizes faculty who have made significant contributions to WVU’s global efforts


Academic Leadership Fellows Program –  professional development opportunity for WVU faculty sponsored by the Office of the Provost
Big 12 Faculty Fellowship Program  –  a grant program among the institutions in the Big 12 Athletic Conference offering faculty an opportunity to travel to member universities to exchange ideas and research
Cloud Analytics Faculty Fellows  –  a program sponsored by the Office of the Provost to train faculty how to use data and analytic tools in the classroom to enhance student skills in data mining, problem solving, critical thinking, innovation and entrepreneurship

Honors Faculty Fellows  –  selected fellows will develop and teach an Honors course in their home department, participate in faculty development opportunities, and deliver a public lecture on their course material  
HSC Fellows  –  Teaching Sch olars Program promotes educational skills, critical thinking and innovative classroom approaches. While targeted to HSC faculty, the program is open to all faculty.
Innovation, Design and Entrepreneurship Academy Faculty Fellows champions of entrepreneurship and innovation across campus. Applications resume in 2019-2020.

Internal Grants

NASA WV Space Grant Consortium

Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (PSCoR)

Research and Scholarship Enhancement Grants

Technology Integration Grants

WV Clinical and Translational Sciences (WVCTSI) pilot grants

Hosting an Academic Conference Grants

Community Engagement Grants

Travel/Development Grants