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Adjustments for COVID-19

Since Spring 2020 closure of our campuses due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the ongoing impacts of this unprecedented time, the Office of the Provost continues to implement new guidelines and options to ensure faculty members' success.

Online Communities for Faculty and Staff Parents

The Provost’s Office partnered with Talent and Culture and the Office of Strategic Initiatives to create discussion boards in the Microsoft Teams platform to serve as a parent’s network and virtual community for WVU faculty and staff.

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Assessment of Learning in the Time of COVID-19

Recommendations for addressing learning assessment in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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COVID-19 Dependent Care Resources for Faculty

Detailed information about new and existing childcare and adult care resources for WVU faculty.

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COVID-19 Assigned Seating and Attendance Tracking

Requirements for implementing assigned seating, taking attendance and ensuring compliance with final seating charts for on-campus classes.

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COVID-19 Academic Notification Process

Process outlining instructor notification of COVID-19-related absences.

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COVID-19 and Ensuring Safe Classroom Behavior

Guidelines to help instructors identify and respond appropriately to disruptive classroom behavior that could endanger the health of others.

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COVID-19 Instructor Expectations and Best Practices

Expectations for instruction to facilitate student engagement and academic success.

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COVID-19 Accommodation Request

Faculty members who are or live with someone who is at higher risk for severe illness as defined by the CDC may submit a request for accommodation.

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COVID-19 Revised Annual Evaluation Guidelines

Changes in faculty annual evaluation policies for Spring 2020 and AY 2020-21.

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COVID-19 Tenure-Clock Extension

Tenure clock extension for all tenure-track faculty who are not currently in their critical year. Faculty must opt-out if they do not want this extension.

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Removal of Spring 2020 SEI Reports

Option to remove Spring 2020 SEI reports from Digital Measures.

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