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Skills for Administrative Leadership Level 2


This micro-credential is the intermediate level of a three-tiered professional development pathway for WVU department chairs and school directors. The purpose of Level 2 is to further develop leadership skills that are relevant for academic personnel management, strategic planning and implementation of critical initiatives. This badge will be earned upon participation in four 90-minute advanced level training sessions, a leadership assessment battery, and submission of a reflective leadership narrative.


Participants will expand upon the foundational knowledge they gained in Chairs Academy: Skills for Administrative Leadership Level 1. Level 2 will integrate research findings with enhanced skill development in critical aspects of administrative leadership and personnel management. Goals for each session are listed below under program elements.

Program Elements and Evaluation

Group sessions will be led by the associate provost for academic personnel (Tracy Morris) and will run 90 minutes each. Topics and brief goals for each session:

Session 1: Leadership Theories; Stress and Burnout Among Leaders

  • Gain understanding of foundational leadership theories and styles, burnout prevention, and leadership derailment; grounding in the use of a functional contexualist approach

Session 2: Communication Skills

  • Refine skills in the use of conversation to develop trust, establish priorities and monitor progress; use of BOCA model for delivering feedback (Behavior, Outcome, Consequences, Action); receiving feedback constructively; enhancing executive presence

Session 3: Leading Change; Goal Setting

  • Gain understanding of the fundamentals of behavior change; qualities of effective change agents; skills in delegation and mentorship; use of SMART goal setting (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Timely); planning for improvement

Session 4: Team Building, Trust and Conflict Resolution

  • Gain understanding of team development and characteristics of high performing teams; refine skills in team building, conflict management and repairing trust

Participants will complete a battery of leadership assessments prior to Group Session 1 and will receive an individualized report of results. Assessment measures cover constructs such as specific Leadership Skills, Leadership Qualities (Stability, Productivity, Self-management, Boundary Setting, Communication, Work Quality, Teamwork), Authentic Leadership, and Emotional Intelligence. The purpose of the assessment is to expand each participants awareness of strengths and opportunities for further growth in their leadership journey. Participants will have the option to participate in an individual session to discuss their assessment report and potential opportunities for growth.

Participants also will complete a reading and thought exercise on their own prior to each session, for which they will submit responses through an online form.