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Board of Governors Program Review Cycle 2023-2024

Graduate (GR) 2023-2024 Program Review

Degree Program Designation

Art MA

Art and Design MFA

Athletic Training

Biology MS

Biology PHD

Biostatistics MS

Education     PhD

Energy Environments   MS

Epidemiology   PHD

Exercise Physiology MS

Exercise Physiology PHD

Forensic & Investigative Science MS

Geography   MA  

Geography PHD

Geology MS

Geology PHD

GIS and Spatial Analysis   MA

Health Sciences MS

Healthcare Administration

Immunology & Microbial Pathogenesis PHD

Journalism   MSJ

Kinesiology PHD

Linguistics    MA

Neuroscience PHD

Occupational Therapy MOT

Pathologists' Assistant MHS

Physical Education EDD

Physical Education MS

Physician's Assistant   MHS

Public Administration MPA-AD

Public Health MPH

Public Health Sciences PHD

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages  MA

Potomac State College (UP) 2023-2024 Program Review

Degree Program Designation
Business Mangement AAS
Business Mangement   BAS
Criminal Justice    AAS
Criminal Justice   BAS

Professional Programs 2023-24 Program Review

Degree Program    
Physical Therapy       DPT
Undergraduate (UG) 2023-2024 Program Review

WVUIT Undergraduate (UT) 2023-2024 Program Review
Degree Program Designation
Art and Design  BFA
Art History  BA
Biology  BA
Biology  BS
Exercise Physiology BS
Forensic & Investigative Science   BS
Immunology and Medical Microbiology     BS
International Studies    BA
Women's & Gender Studies    BA
Journalism   BSJ
Kinesiology   BS
Multidisciplinary Studies   BMDS 
Music and Health
Occupational Therapy   BA
Physical Education    BS
Regent's Bachelor of the Arts   RBA
Sport Studies  BS
World Language   BA
World Languages and Cultural Studies   BA

Degree Program Designation
Biology BS
Forensic Investigation BS
Health Services BS
Interdisciplinary Studies BA
Public Service Administration BS
Regents' Bachelor of Arts RBA
Tourism and Hospitality   AAS