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Board of Governors Program Review Cycle 2023-2024

Graduate (GR) 2023-2024 Program Review

*These programs satisfied their BOG program review requirements through summer 2023's Academic Transformation program reviews.

Degree Program Designation

Art* MA

Art and Design* MFA

Biology MS

Biology PHD

Biostatistics* MS

Epidemiology* PHD

Exercise Physiology* MS

Exercise Physiology* PHD

Forensic & Investigative Science MS

Forensic & Investigative Science   PhD

Geography   MA  

Geography PHD

Geology MS

Geology PHD

Health Sciences* MS

Healthcare Administration*

Immunology & Microbial Pathogenesis* PHD

Journalism  MSJ

Neuroscience PHD

Occupational Therapy* MOT

Pathologists' Assistant* MHS

Public Administration* MPA-AD

Public Health* MPH

Public Health Sciences* PHD

Professional Programs 2023-24 Program Review

Degree Program    
Occupational Therapy* DOT
Physical Therapy*       DPT

Potomac State College (UP) 2023-2024 Program Review

Degree Program Designation
Business Mangement AAS
Business Mangement   BAS
Criminal Justice    AAS
Criminal Justice   BAS

Undergraduate (UG) 2023-2024 Program Review

Degree Program Designation
Art and Design* BFA
Art History* BA
Biology  BA
Biology  BS
Exercise Physiology* BS
Forensic & Investigative Science   BS
Immunology and Medical Microbiology*     BS
International Studies    BA
Women's & Gender Studies*    BA
Journalism   BSJ

WVUIT (UG) 2023-2024 Program Review

Degree Program Designation
Biology* BS
Forensic Investigation* BS
Health Services* BS
Public Service Administration* BS
Regents' Bachelor of Arts* RBA
Tourism and Hospitality* AAS