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Program Review Resources and FAQs


WVU faculty who have recently been through the Board of Governors program review process share their advice, experiences, and what they learned while going through program review.BOG Program Review Self-Study Form AY 23-24 (for use in five-year comprehensive reviews) (Microsoft Word Document)
  • BOG Program Review Self-Study Form (for Dean's Office initiated reviews, academic transformation reviews)
  • Program Review Reviewers Summary Form (Microsoft Word Document)
  • Program Review Appeal Template (Word Document)
  • Link to submit appeals: 
  • Program Review Specific Action Follow-up Report
  • Sample letter of notification of BOG program review recommendation
  • Request a JobsEQ report and consultation
  • Request a consultation on program review with the Associate Provost for Curriculum and Assessment or with the Director of Curriculum Development
  • Workshops

    • Every year there is are two workshops / trainings on BOG program review: one in April and one in September. 
      • The June 2023 workshop will be on June 6th from 2pm to 4pm at the College of Law's Fitzsimmons Event Hall.
    • Every year there is a training on using APS for annual reporting in fall. 
    • Fall 2021's BOG program review  workshop was recorded and made available via MyMediaSites.


    • How do I submit my self-study?
      • Once the Qualtrics form is complete, simply click the "Submit" button at the end of the form.
    • If I'm completing the self-study in Qualtrics, how do I save my work?
      • Hitting the "Next/Save" button at the bottom of each screen will save whatever changes have been made to the form, even if that particular screen is not yet complete.
    • If I'm completing the self-study in Qualtrics, how do I get more than one person access to the self-study form?
      • Program points of contact who received the link to the Qualtrics form can simply forward that link onto any other faculty or staff that they would like to work on the program review.
        • NOTE: If more than one person is working on the form simultaneously, you may get an error message telling you when Qualtrics is unable to save changes.
    • If I have any technical issues with Qualtrics, who do I contact?
    • Is there anything I need to keep in mind if I'm working on the self-study in the Word document?
      • The Word document is an export of the Qualtrics form. The only difference to keep in mind while using it is that the Word document won't enforce the 2500 character limit for sections that carry that restriction.
    • Do I have to use the standardized data that was provided to me?
      • Yes. Programs are expected to reference the data they receive from the Director of Assessment in the relevant sections. Programs may provide additional data for context or further explanation but reviewers will also receive the standardized data and will expect programs to address that data in their self-studies.
    • How is program review different for programs with specialized accreditation?
      • Programs that have specialized accreditation are expected to provide copies of all relevant documents from their accrediting body, including their most recent self-study. These programs may then provide concise summaries for each of the program review sections and indicate where further information may be found in the accreditation self-study.
    • Do programs still have to provide faculty data sheets or CVs?
      • No. Should the Graduate Council or Undergraduate Council reviewers request faculty CVs, they will be provided to the Council members by the Assistant Provost for Curriculum and Assessment using Digital Measures.