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Emeritus Status

West Virginia University Board of Governors Policy 38

West Virginia University and its Regional Campuses

Section 1. General

1.1 This rule delineates the procedures to be followed by the West Virginia University Board of Governors in the Awarding of Emeritus Status.

1.2 Authority. – WV Code §18B-1-6, §18B-2A-4, WVU BOG Policy 2 Section 6.1. (approved by the WVU Faculty Senate on 2/12/96.) See also Higher Education Policy Commission Series 9 §6.1

1.3 Effective Date. – June 2, 2006

Section 2. Policy on the Awarding of Emeritus Status

Those faculty members whose retirement is announced and who met the requirements of meritorious contributions to the University shall be considered for Emeritus status. Emeritus appointments are normally considered for faculty members and administrators on their retirement. The faculty member or administrator must normally have served the University for at least 10 years. The review of faculty candidates begins in the departments or divisions and ends with the President.

The award of President Emeritus rests with the Board of Governors, and Emeritus awards to major administrators rest with the President.

Faculty members and administrators awarded Emeritus status retain their professional titles. In every case, the term “Emeritus” follows the rank and title.

Emeritus faculty members and administrators have library privileges; they have the same access as other faculty members and administrators to athletic events; and they enjoy privileges designated by their departments and the University.

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