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Endowed and Distinguished Chairs and Professorships

Benjamin M. Statler College of Engineering and Mineral Resources

Kashy Aminian, Charles T. Holland Professor in Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering
Karl Barth, Samples Professor of Civil and Environment of Engineering
Debangsu Bhattacharyya, GE Plastics Professor in Chemical and Biomedical Engineering
Hota S. GangaRao, Wadsworth Professorship
Rakesh K. Gupta, Berry Chair of Chemical Engineering
John Hu, Statler Chair in Engineering for Natural Gas Utilization
Vlad Kecojevic, Murray Chair of Mining Engineering
Xingbo Liu, Statler Endowed Chair of Engineering
Yi Luo, Charles E. Lawall Endowed Chair for Energy and the Environment in Mining Engineering
Brijes Misha, Syd and Felicia Peng Professor of Mining Engineering
Richard Turton, Russell and Ruth Bolton WVU Professorship for Outstanding Teaching
Nianqiang Wu, George B. Berry Chair of Engineering
John Zaniewski, Asphalt Technology Professor
Nigel N. Clark, George B. Berry Chair of Engineering Emeritus
Syd S. Peng, Charles E. Lawall Chair in Mining Engineering Emeritus

John Chambers College of Business & Economics

Naomi Boyd, Fred T. Tattersall Chair in Finance
Roger Congleton, BB&T Chair of Economics
Jody L. Crosno, Joseph E. Antonini Chair in Marketing
Annie Peng Cui, Kmart Chair in Marketing
Richard Dull, GoMart Professor in Accounting Information Systems
Paula F. Fitzgerald, Nathan Haddad Professor of Business Administration
Alexander Kurov, Fred T. Tattersall Chair in Finance
Richard A. Riley, Louis F. Tanner Distinguished Professor of Public Accounting
Terry L. Rose, Ernest L. Hogan Chair of Life Insurance
John P. Saldanha, Sears Chair in Global Supply Chain Management
Ludwig Christian Schaupp, David W. and Nancy F. Hamstead Professor of Accounting

College of Creative Arts

H. Keith Jackson, Philip J. Faini/Falbo Family Dean of the College of Creative Arts
Joseph Lupo, J. Bernard Schultz Endowed Professor of Art
Steven Neuenschwander, Mabel DeVries Tanner Endowed Professor of Theatre

College of Education and Human Services

College of Law

Robert M. Bastress, John W. Fisher II Professor of Law
Gregory W. Bowman, William J. Maier, Jr. Dean
Vincent P. Cardi, Bowles Rice Professor of Law
Charles R. DiSalvo, Woodrow A. Potesta Professor of Law
James R. Elkins, Arthur S. Dayton Professor of Law
James J. Friedberg, Hale J. and Roscoe P. Posten Professor of Law
Anne Marie Lofaso, Arthur B. Hodges Professor of Law
Marjorie A. McDiarmid, Steptoe & Johnson Professor of Law and Technology
Patrick C. McGinley, Charles H. Haden II Professor of Law
John Taylor, Jackson Kelly Professor of Law

Forest J. Bowman, Jackson Kelly Professor of Law Emeritus
John W. Fisher, II, William J. Maier Jr. Dean Emeritus and Robert M. Steptoe and James D. Steptoe Professor of Property Law Emeritus

College of Physical Activity and Sports Sciences

Eloise Elliott, Ware Family Distinguished Professorship
Sam Zizzi, Dr. Pat Fehl Endowed Professor

Linda M. Carson, Ware Distinguished Professor Emerita

Davis College of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Design

James Anderson, Davis Michael Professor of Forestry and Natural Resources
Robert Dailey, Davis Michael Professor of Animal and Nutritional Sciences
Michael Gutensohn, Ray Marsh and Arthur Pingree Dye Professorship
Daniel Panaccione, Davis Michael Professor of Plant and Soil Sciences
Charles Yuill, Davis Michael Professor of Design and Community Development

Eberly College of Arts & Sciences

Laura Brady, Eberly Family Professor of Outstanding Teaching
Robert E. Blobaum, Eberly Family Distinguished Professor of History
William I. Brustein, Eberly Family Distinguished Professor of History
Timothy Carr, Marshall S. Miller Energy Professor of Geology
Lisa DeFrank-Cole, Harriet E. Lyon Professorship in Women's and Gender Studies
Walter Dekeseredy, Anne Deane Carlson Endowed Chair of Social Sciences
Lisa DiBartolomeo, Armand E. and Mary W. Singer Professor in the Humanities
Gregory Dudley, Eberly Family Distinguished Professor of Chemistry
Barry A. Edelstein, Eberly Family Professor of Psychology
Stephanie Foote, Jackson and Nichols Chair of English
Kenneth Fones-Wolf, Stuart and Joyce Robbins Chair in History
Alan Goodboy, Peggy Rardin McConnell Chair in Communication Studies
Joe D. Hagan, Barnette Professor in Political Science
Erik Herron, Eberly Family Professor of Political Science
Glen P. Jackson, Ming Hsieh Teaching Professor of Forensic and Investigative Science
Kennon A. Lattal, Eberly College Centennial Professor of Psychology
Lian Li, Robert L. Carroll Chair of Physics  
Trevor M. Harris, Eberly Family Professor of Geography
James McGraw, Eberly Family Professor of Biology
Maura McLaughlin, Eberly Family Distinguished Professor of Physics and Astronomy
Daniel McNeil, Eberly Family Professor for Outstanding Public Service
Keith Morris, Ming Hsieh Distinguished Professor of Forensic and Investigative Science
Tracy Morris, Eberly Family Professorship for Outstanding Teaching
Scott Myers, Peggy Rardin McConnell Chair of Communication Studies
Jason Phillips, Eberly Family Professor of Civil War Studies
L. Christopher Plein, Eberly Family Professor for Outstanding Public Service
Kathleen “Katy” O’Hearn Ryan, Eberly Family Professorship for Outstanding Teaching
Earl Scime, Oleg D. Jefimenko Professor of Physics
Kenneth Showalter, C. Eugene Bennett Distinguished Chair in Chemistry
Gay Stewart, Eberly Professor of STEM Education
Timothy Sweet, Eberly Professor of American Literature
Kung Wang, Eberly Family Professor of Chemistry
Stephen Valentine, Eberly Family Professor of Chemistry
C. Q. Zhang, Eberly Family Professor of Mathematics

Patrick W. Conner, Eberly College Centennial Professor of English Emeritus
Robert DiClerico, Eberly Family Professor Outstanding Teaching Emeritus
Thomas Kammer, Eberly College Centennial Professor Emeritus
Hayne W. Reese, Centennial Professor of Psychology Emeritus
Patricia Rice, Eberly Family Professor for Outstanding Teaching Emerita
Mohindar Seehra, Eberly Family Professor of Physics Emeritus
Donley Studlar, Eberly Family Professor of Political Science Emeritus

Reed College of Media

Diana Martinelli, Widmeyer Professorship in Public Relations

School of Dentistry

Peter Ngan, Branson-Maddrell Endowed Professorship in Orthodontics
Bryan Weaver, Dr. Edward C. Armbrecht Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Professorship

School of Medicine

Vinay Badhwar, Gordon F. Murray Chair Cardiothoracic Surgery
John F. Brick, JF Brick Chair in Neurology
William H. Carter, Warren Point Chair of Internal Medicine
Judie F. Charlton, Judie F. Charlton Chair for Glaucoma Outreach
Shawn A. Chillag, Patricia T. Ayash Distinguished Professorship
A. Courtney DeVries, John T. and June R. Chambers Chair of Oncology Research
Laura Gibson, Alexander B. Osborn Distinguished Professor in Hematological Malignancies Research
Richard M. Goldberg, Lawrence S. and Jean DeLynn Chair of Oncology
Judith Feinberg, Dr. E. B. Flink Chair of Internal Medicine #1
Mathis P. Frick, O. F. Gabriele Chair of Radiology
JoAnn Hornsby, Interim Hazel Ruby McQuain Fund III Arthritis/ Rheumatic Disease Chair
Abnash Jain, Abnash C. Jain Distinguished Professorship in Cardiology
Nathan Lerfald, Anthony G. DiBartolomeo Professorship in Medicine
Thomas Mauger, Jane McDermott Shott Chair of Ophthalmology
Mark D. Miller, Dana L. & Peggy M Farnsworth Chair in Educational Psychiatry
Emma Morton Eggleston, Quad/Graphics Chair in Internal Medicine
R. Osvaldo Navia, Grace Kinney Mead Chair of Geriatrics
Randy J. Nelson , Hazel Ruby McQuain Chair for Neurological Research
John Parker, N. Leroy Lapp Professorship of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine
Joseph Prudomme, Christopher Cline Chair in Orthopedic Surgery
Ali Rezai, John D. Rockefeller IV Chair in Neuroscience
Larry A. Rhodes, James H. Walker, MD Chair of Pediatric Cardiology
Bryan Richmond, William J. Maier, Jr. Chair of Research
J. Michael Ruppert, Jo & Ben Statler Eminent Scholar & Chair, Breast Cancer Research
Arif R. Sarwari, Dr. Edmund B. Flink Chair of Internal Medicine #2
Partho P. Sengupta, Abnash C. Jain Chair in Cardiology
Sunil Sharma, N. Leroy Lapp Endowed Professorship
David Siderovski, E. J. Van Liere Medicine Professorship
James Simpkins, Barbara B. Highland Chair in Stroke
George Spirou, John W. and Jeanette S Straton Research Chair in Neuroscience
Stephen Wetmore, Romeo Yap Lim & Maria C.W. Lim Chair of Otolaryngology
Alison Wilson, Skewes Family Chair for Trauma

School of Nursing

Tara Hulsey, E. Jane Martin Professor of Nursing
Ubolrat Piamjariyakul, WVUH Evidence Based Research Endowed Professorship

School of Pharmacy

Paul Lockman, Mylan Endowed Chair in Pharmacology
William P. Petros, Gates E. Wigner Endowed Deanship
Terry Schwinghammer, Arthur I. Jacknowitz Chair for Clinical Pharmacy

School of Public Health

Gordon Smith, Stuart and Joyce Robbins Distinguished Professor in Epidemiology

July 1, 2019